Opened in 1984 to house a collection of ancient American artifacts and European pottery and porcelain, Toronto’s Gardiner Museum has become one of the continent’s leading institutions for exhibiting ceramics and promoting the form. Beginning October 19, you’ll find Canadian ceramicist Steven Heinemann’s bowls, pods, and other vessels that explore the connections between life and nature. Plus, you’ll have access to the museum’s incredible collection of ceramics from the Ancient Americas, Europe, China, Japan, and other far flung locales. Walking through the halls, you’ll understand how different cultures have harnessed clay from around 3,000 years ago through the present.

Want to learn how to use the material yourself? Participate in a weekly drop-in class and experiment with wheel throwing, hand building, and a variety of decorating techniques. No need to bring materials; the museum supplies all the tools, including over 70 commercial brushing glazes.

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